Sunday, 28 August 2016

Getting your first tattoo is a significant milestone in any ones life, and it is of course an incredibly nerve wracking experience.
And you are sure to find it intimidating, after all you're about to mark your body for life! Nevertheless getting a tattoo is something you should most certainly do, but to calm your nerves here are seven pieces of advice to relax you and get you psyched for your new tattoo!!
1. Trust the Artist

Trust your artist! They know what they're doing!!
Trust your artist! They know what they're doing!!

Walking into the tattoo shop you will no doubt have expectations and ideas of what your tattoo is going to look like, so the best thing to do is tell the artist exactly what you want, don't spare any detail! The more the artist knows the more your tattoo will be the tattoo of your dreams. However, if the artist offers you advice or additional suggestions on style, shape or placement then listen to them, they know what they are doing. At the end of the day, your new tattoo is an advertisement for their work, and any self-respecting artist will give each and every tattoo their all!!

2. Make It Custom

There are thousands of tattoos out there and it is easy to see one and decide that is the one you want, but why settle for a tattoo that countless people already have, your tattoo should be unique to you so make it custom! Talk to your artist and find the right design, and even if it is one that has been done a thousand times before try and add some personal touches to it, a name, symbol, whatever you want! It is always better to know your tattoo is one of a kind and personal to you. Be your own person and make your tattoo unique! But if you are struggling on your perfect design then why not have tattoodo come with a kickass design for you, simply click here and get the design you want!
3. A Cheap Tattoo is a Bad Tattoo
Cheap tattoo versus expensive tattoo
Cheap tattoo versus expensive tattoo
One of the most crucial pieces of information you need when your new to tattooing is to know that tattoos are not cheap and when they are they will probably look it. Truth of the matter is that if you want  a good tattoo then it's gonna cost! Though that is by no means a bad thing, think about it, would you really want to skimp on something that will mark your body for the rest of your life! Tattoos are an investment and you pay for what you receive, so paying that little bit more for a well respected artist is always going to be worth it in the long run.
4. Pain is a Part of the Process
Tattoos hurt, no ifs, no buts, no nothings, tattoos hurt it is as simple as that. The pain of getting a tattoo however is not unbearable and is something that with gritted teeth you can come through. Yeah there will be points where your skin is incredibly sore but its nothing worse than a very irritated sunburn, more annoying than agonizing. Of course where you get your tattoo and how big it is will also be a factor in how much it hurts, so if its your first tattoo do your research and get it somewhere not as sensitive, places like your eyelids and crotch are areas probably best avoided!

5. Aftercare is Essential
Most tattoo artists will give you a few pointers on caring for your new tattoo and truth be told most will tell you different things, but the basic rules stay the same. Gently wash your tattoo with warm water, let it breathe and then lightly apply some moisturizer (although each artist will probably recommend a different type to the next). As long as you keep your new tattoo clean and avoid sun you'll be good to go and be free to show of your awesome new ink.
6. Freaking Out a Little is Okay
When your new to tattooing and have just got your first tattoo your bound to freakout a little. The first couple of times you wash your tattoo there may be some ink run off, but this is perfectly normal and nothing to fear. Your tattoo is not losing its ink! It is also common for your tattoo to scab so don't be alarmed if yours does...but you must NEVER pick it or scratch no matter how itchy it becomes. Tattoos take time to heal so be patient, even if you are on edge for the first week leave your tattoo to recover and all will be well. So yeah, you can freakout a little but just don't go crazy!
7. Don't Worry About Regret
Love the design, then you'll love the tattoo!
Love the design, then you'll love the tattoo!
A common worry for anyone getting their first tattoo is whether they will regret it once it has been done, and of course this is a rational thought but when it comes to tattoos your best just to go with it. If you truly want a tattoo then when it is done regret won't even be a worry, but if it is a concern then check the design and check it again until you are happy with having it on your body! Always remember tattoos are for life and not just for Christmas, be sure it is what your truly want before going through with it otherwise it is laser removal for you!

...Getting your first tattoo is big step, so before you do anything do your research, checkout artists and go into a tattoo shop!!

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