Sunday, 28 August 2016

Coverup tattoos Clarity 11 Watford

Getting a coverup:

1. Choosing an artist

Many artists choose not to undertake coverups due to the compromising nature of the work on their art.  At Clarity 11 we have coverup specialists who work with different types of coverups and will recommend the best person for the work you wish to undertake.  Before getting your heart set on a design or a style ensure that your chosen artist actually does coverup tattoos and that they believe there is something they can do with whatever it is that you need covered.  Make sure you choose the best artist you can afford as you only want to have to cover it once.

2. Setting expectations.

It goes without saying that the black Chinese lettering that you have recently discovered actually means "egg fried rice" isn't going to get covered by a white infinity symbol.  In all likelihood your coverup will need to be done in dark colours, (Black, Dark Red, Blue, Purple) and the artwork you can choose will be limited by the space that needs to be covered.  The 2 most popular coverup designs are Roses and Panthers but your artist should be able to offer you a number of great creative choices to match your style.

3. Consider getting something epic

Too many people choose to only coverup the original tattoo and don't get anything bigger, the best way to get an awesome coverup is to opt for a much larger piece where the coverup is somewhat incidental and hidden within a much smaller detail.

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